Overcoming Anxiety: Proven
Strategies for Anxiety Relief

Anxiety can cause overthinking, fatigue, disruptions to sleep, relationships, work, communication, and more. In this program, you’ll gain knowledge and put proven strategies into practice with the support of a clinical counsellor to gain confidence and a greater capacity to thrive!

Our 5-week virtual course is facilitated by clinical counsellors to help you implement solution-focused skills week by week. With follow-up, weekly support, and a safe space to ask questions and share, you’ll optimize your awareness and skills to address anxiety and overcome its hold on you.

You will be empowered to take charge and thrive with confidence. Let’s come together with compassion and tools to change our relationship with anxiety and with ourselves. Reserve your spot here now!

Additionally, you will have access to the  Pause Meditation Series – 8 Guided Meditations with Heather Bach MA, CCC

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Overcoming Anxiety: Proven Strategies for Anxiety Relief

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