Couples and Marriage Counselling

Couples and Marriage Counselling

Looking to improve the quality of your relationship?

Relationship counselling is for any couple, regardless of sexual orientation, who are seeking improvement in communication and the quality of their relationship. This assists couples to overcome obstacles to fulfilment in their relationship and can prevent breakdown. Results can range from improvement in communication to exploring limiting patterns and developing more fulfilling dynamics in the relationship. Counselling offers couples an increase in communication skills, enabling the clients to strengthen and enrich their lives together. Relationship counselling with Bach Counselling offers the couple a set of practical tools and strategies to carry forward, ultimately building a more rewarding union together.

Not sure about your relationship?

Couple counselling is for those couples in the process of making a decision regarding their relationship. It offers a space to honestly review options of remaining or separating, while continuing to develop more effective tools in communication. This not only assists in the decision making process, but also adds to each individual’s skill-set for being in relationship.

Ending a relationship?

For those couples in the process of separation or divorce, counselling offers a focused, time limited opportunity to review the relationship as well as manage and negotiate through the process successfully. We also offer assistance and effective strategy dealing with children impacted by this change. This ultimately makes the separation much healthier by exploring the most positive method of moving forward. We can help you save money and time preparing your separation plan. We also work with a team of lawyers and financial advisors when this is beneficial for the clients. Through couples counselling with Bach Counselling the clients gain a greater understanding of themselves and their partner and a clearer plan for moving forward. This results in a much smoother transition and a greater chance for a healthy beginning.

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