5 Strategies for Anxiety Relief

Here are some tools to help manage the uncomfortable sensations and thoughts that accompany anxiety.

  1. Acknowledge and accept your anxiety. Fighting and judging your anxiety will only increase your discomfort and distress. Allowing the sensations of anxiety while telling yourself that, “this is in fact okay”, may seem counterintuitive but worth a try.  Breathe and notice that you are okay regardless of the discomfort.
  2. Exercise– Numerous studies have shown that regular physical activity releases chemicals in your brain that improve mood and promote relaxation. Simply getting active for a 20-minute brisk walk daily is a great place to start….start today, one walk!
  3. Taking a break from your busy mind –  one of the key symptoms of anxiety. Pull your attention outside of your mind to your environment, to the temperature, the lighting, the sensation of your walking, the feeling of a leaf in your hand, and/or the taste of your food. This is an immediate tool to slow down your mind and bring your attention to the present where nothing bad is occurring!
  4. Observe your self-talk and invite compassionate reassuring statements over negative thoughts. Do this simply for a few moments and notice the difference. Remember experimenting with different ways of responding to anxiety is key.
  5. Give yourself some relaxation time doing something you enjoy. For example, A bath, petting your pet, reading a few pages from a book, chatting with a friend you enjoy. What do you enjoy doing and how can you do this for yourself today?

Remember, you are not alone in dealing with anxiety. It is a common experience. Give yourself the attention you need to help calm your mind and Healthy Body today.

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