Below are the rates including GST per 50 minute session:

Counselling: $120-$200
Nutritional Counselling: $130

Unless other arrangements have been made, payment will be made at the beginning of each session. Payment is by cash or cheque or you may choose to pay by e-transfer. If payment is by e-transfer, it must be made prior to the session. How to prepare for your first counselling meeting.

We reserve a certain percentage of space in my practice for those who need to pay for therapy on a sliding fee scale. You will know before therapy begins whether sliding fee space is available. If there is no sliding fee space available, we will put your name on the wait list to have the next available space that becomes available or refer you to another therapist.
 Our services are often covered by third party insurance. Be sure to check into your coverage before your counselling begins.


All concerns discussed in the course of therapy are confidential with the exception described below. Bach Counselling abides by the ethical principles of confidentiality as set out by the Canadian Psychological Association. This means that information concerning your treatment or evaluation may be released only with your consent with the exception required by law. The law requires the release of confidential information under these conditions: suspected child abuse, risk of serious harm to self or other. In these situations it is my duty as a therapist to notify the appropriate authorities and individuals. I will discuss any release of confidential information under these circumstances with you.