Mindfulness: How Can It Help Me?

By admin on December 20, 2017

Cameron Gibson, part of the BCG counselling team, speaks on Youth & Mindfulness at the Hope Centre’s Mental Health Breakfast on Jan 12th. In his presentation, Cameron Gibson will explain the neuroscience behind mindfulness, and the effects of stress and the stress responses. He will review relevant and recent research showing the health benefits of mindfulness in everyday life for children, youth, and adults. Furthermore, Cameron will present research showing the effectiveness of mindfulness in treating mental health diagnoses like anxiety depression, ADHD and eating disorders.

Cameron will illustrate the process of using mindfulness and invite the audience to participate with techniques using breathe, the body scan, and bringing attention to thoughts, sensations and feelings. He will discuss different types of mindfulness applications to be used in daily life, and approaches for those struggling with anxiety. Cameron will conclude with research highlighting the prevalence of anxiety in children, and functional tools for parents helping their children more effectively cope with anxiety.

Cameron Gibson is a mental health counsellor here on the North Shore with the Bach Counselling Group. He treats youth and young adults dealing with anxiety, depression, developmental disabilities, and ADHD. Cameron’s family immigrated to Canada from Scotland at the age of six, settling in Campbell River on Vancouver Island. After his work on fish farms outside of Gold River in his early twenties, Cameron decided to combine his passion for skateboarding with his interest in mentoring youth. He taught skateboarding to at risk and developmentally disabled youth. For eight years Cameron has worked with non-profit organizations, applied behavioral analysis youth residence and the Vancouver School Board. More recently he joined the Bach Counselling Group and the Broadway Youth Resource Centre while finishing his graduate work in Counselling Psychology. Cameron practices Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and brings his training in this evidence-based method with great success to youth and young adults who need anxiety disorder help. With this training MBSR has become integral to his work with clients.

For Questions and/or an appointment, book on our website or Cameron can be reached at:

bachcounselling.com/604 904-0898


Location: The Hope Centre, 1337 St. Andrews Ave, NV
Date: Jan 12th at 8am

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