Counselling We Offer

Individual Counselling

pathwayIndividual counselling facilitates the exploration and resolution of personal problems and issues according to the goals and needs of the individual. It allows the individual a focused, safe opportunity with an experienced and trusted counsellor to gain insights and understanding to make personal change. Whether one is dealing with daily stressors, family loss, issues of communication and intimacy, depression, anxiety, ADHD or disordered eating , Bach Counselling uses evidence-based therapies and provides a venue to move from struggle to positive change and peace of mind.

Couples and Marriage Counselling

Looking to improve the quality of your relationship?

holdinghandsRelationship counselling is for any couple, married, regardless of sexual orientation, who are seeking improvement in communication and the quality of their relationship. It assists couples overcome obstacles to fulfilment in their relationship and can prevent breakdown. Results can range from improvement in communication to exploring limiting patterns and developing more fulfilling dynamics in the relationship. Counselling offers couples an increase in communication skills, enabling the clients to strengthen and enrich their lives together. Relationship counselling with Bach Counselling Vancouver offers the couple a set of practical tools to carry forward, ultimately building a more rewarding union together.

Not sure about your relationship?

Couple counselling is for those couples in the process of making a decision regarding their relationship. It offers a space to honestly review options of remaining or separating, while continuing to develop more effective tools in communication. This not only assists in the decision making process, but also adds to each individual’s skill-set for being in relationship.

Ending a relationship?

For those couples in the process of separation or divorce, counselling offers a focused, time limited opportunity to review the relationship as well as manage and negotiation through the process successfully. We also offer assistance and effective strategy building in dealing with any children involved. This ultimately makes the separation much healthier by exploring the most positive method of moving forward. Your divorce attorney will take care of the legal side of your separation while we help you and your kids deal with the emotional struggles, click for more info about the right divorce attorney. Through couples counselling with Bach Counselling Vancouver, the clients will gain a greater understanding of themselves and their partner. This results in a much smoother transition and a greater chance for a healthy beginning.

Family Counselling

UnknownFamily counselling improves communication, explores effective parenting strategies, and helps resolve parent-teen conflict. It assists in a variety of situations by facilitating improved communication within the family. Through family counseling, family members will effectively recognize and be able to address the needs of each family member. This will improve the family members insight and skills in addressing future stressors and life circumstance.

Nutritional Counselling

woman-oceanNutritional counselling translates scientific research into practical solutions to get you feeling and functioning at your very best. Your individualized plan will encompass a specific strategy and plan to meet your specific nutritional needs and lifestyle. As importantly, it will take into account and fully address any health concerns you may be encountering. This plan will be specifically designed for both YOUR body and mind as you move toward optimum health and wellness. We pride ourselves in offering guidance on not only food choices, but also patterns of eating. By employing the very best proven methods, we will work with you to steadily move from old habits into healthier and more rewarding behaviours which will serve your life and lifestyle.

Whether this is for you or your child, Ellen brings 27 years of training, experience and expertise in addressing:

  • Eating Disorders
  • Diabetes Prevention and Management
  • Cardiovascular Disease and Lipid Disorders
  • Weight Management
  • Vegetarianism and Veganism
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Sports Nutrition

What to bring to your first appointment?
To maximize your level of success, come to your first appointment with a list of your medications, any recent blood work, and a record of your eating over the last 3-4 days. If you test your blood sugars, bring your glucometer and/or log. Follow up appointments will be booked during your first session together based on your personal goals.



Striving to fulfill your professional and personal potential? Life coaching will provide an opportunity for you to get focused, realize your goals and reach your true potential. The years of experience and expertise Bach Counselling provides the client results in a quality and impactful service. Here we bring into view your goals, identify obstacles and build your resources in moving forward toward your dreams.