Uni Students During a Pandemic – Join Our Online Community

Posted on December 4, 2020

You are not alone! So many students are struggling to maintain their studies and their mental wellness! Here we’re offering strategies to stay on track with your studies and your wellness.

This Pandemic has brought unique challenges for students studying off-campus; routines are almost unrecognizable, socializing seems non-existent, and the pressure of doing well at school feels heavier than ever. On top of that, there is a lot of talk about COVID-19, health, restrictions and guidelines, and being patient as we adapt to a “new normal”. 

January 2021 offers a new semester, fresh start……time to reach out and connect with other students in the same boat! 

Our weekly virtual gathering will support you in increasing your coping strategies and skills to stay on track this semester. We’ll be providing tips and strategies while we work together to make this semester better, even during a pandemic!

Here are some tips and tools that work to help students:

  • Establish a daily routine with time for studying and breaks.
  • Separate your study space from your relaxation space.
  • Socially connect through video, phone, and text.
  • Be compassionate towards your thoughts and feelings.
  • Use mindfulness practices to assist with focus, memory and an overall sense of well-being.
  • Get active and move your body daily.

We’ll be covering this and more in our January meet-up. Here you’ll learn and explore ways to stay on track with studies, connect with like-minded peers and increase your coping during the pandemic. 

Join us in our weekly drop-in meetings Monday evenings 7-8 pm!  

See you in January and bring some friends along! 

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